Ink minute….The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a natural formation distinguished by layered bands of red rock, revealing millions of years of geological history in cross-section. Vast in scale, the canyon averages 10 miles across and a mile deep along its 277-mile length.

Large landscapes of the World and other animals

Yosemite Big Walls

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(3)-Yosemite-big-wallsalej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(2)-Yosemite-big-walls

  Grand Canyon

6 x 10 cm black ink

Grand Canyon Nankoweap Granaries

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(8)-Grand-Cayon-Nankoweap-alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(9)-Grand-Cayon-Nankoweap-

 San Francisco Legion of Honour Restaurant Hot Dog

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(10)-San-Francisco-Legion-of-Honour-Hot-Dogalej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(10)-San-Francisco-Legion-of-Honour-Hot-Dog.JPG

Hawaii Manua Kea summit

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(15)-Mauna-Kea-summit-alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(14)-Mauna-Kea-summit-

California Tomales Bay

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(15)-California-Tomales-Bay

California Tomales Bay

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(18)-San-California-Tomales-Bayalej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(19)-San-California-Tomales-Bay

Sea Lion, Santa Cruz

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(19)-Santa-Cruz-Sea-Lion

Santa Cruz Sky Glider

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(4)-Santa-Cruz-Parkalej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(5)-Santa-Cruz-Park

Botany Bay, Kent

14 x 9.5 cm black inkalej-ez-Botany-bay-14x9.5cm-(3b)alej-ez-Botany-bay-14x9.5cm-(6b)

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