Baby Orangutan and Hippopotamus at Booth Museum

Oran Gutan. Print size A1, 59,4 x 42,1 cm

An homage to a drawing trip with Scarlett and Jake to the fantastic BOOTH MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY last summer. Drawing on the spot sitting on the carpet looking to this amicable spirit behind its glass cabinet then ink drawing and illustrated A1 size. An enchanting skeleton of a baby Orangutan holding in his bony hand The museum. A meaningful and respectful thought to the endeavours of our Victorian chaps looking for answers about who we are and our environment, collecting their menageries of bones, skin and hair. Also with a Victorian twist that looks at phantasmagoria and the chilling past-time of deciphering supernatural events

Hippopotamus. Print size A1, 59,4 x 42,1 cm ale-ez-hippopotamus-booth-museum-594x420