Line Art

One line art

The concept of ‘One Line Art’ refers to the creation of a drawing without lifting a pen from the paper. This I find is a forced constrain that can lead to interesting results. Though in this short article I would like to create a new definition to ‘One Line Art’ as the line drawing where there is no super imposition of additional lines one on top of each other. This links to concept of exercising ‘Line Mileage’ that I had to constantly apply for may years working as an architect. This consists in optimising the time needed for the representation of an object with the precise necessary number of lines. Being one line the optimum. In opposition of two lines that would take double the time, or three lines etc.

This skill started with my architectural training that in the first years had the tuition of the subject of representation of buildings. We had to create not only line drawings of bulidings and architectural details by often we had to submit to our teachers the exercise of hand drawing endless parallel lines in large formats for the simple task of practising , developing and achieving a capacity to do it.

To this day, I have this training embedded in my nature. Whilst other artists express themselves with patches of colour, I read the Worlds as contours. 

Printing projects

The practice of architecture teaches you patient and constancy. Architectural projects take a long time to complete. And so, when I start a new print I understand that the process might take months. I create my panoramic prints in consecutive sections of marker paper. If put together they can be up to three metres long. I understand that to use a constant stroke and expression to achieve a cohesive image.

Mark Making

This process is similar to that of traditional printing. I see my drawings as plates. It is so that lately I am experimenting with using calligraphic pens and other objects to creates marks like the ones that can be created with different chisels on wood plate and also creating separate layers of different line drawings that I will be superimpose in the final process.

Art of the line

Below you can see a collection of the base ink drawings I create to form my art prints. This are not normally for sale as they are created in sections. Though iIf you are interested in purchasing one of them please contact me using the contact form. I can send you high resolution images on request and arrange a visit to my studio to see the actual drawings.

Base ink drawing for art print titled The Red Robin at Brighton Pavilion Gardens by The Dome
A dance at the Bandstand base art print drawings
Base drawing for print by artist alej ez titled The Pond at Charsleston Bloomsbury
Bosham base print drawing
Red Roofed Hut Rye Harbour Camber Sands base print drawings
Brighton Prints for Sale

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