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Brighton Royal Pavilion Series

Brighton Royal Pavilion Series

Brighton Pavilion Magic Lantern. -Diamond crenellated parapet in octagonal pinnacles; convex, feathered ring, topped by a fluted ring; French doors with Brighton Pavilion Magic Lantern. Mughal-styled heads; bulbous finials and minarets above eaves. illustration art. Black Ink pen drawings colour added digitally. Print dimensions A1; 841x 954 mm. From £180.

His and Hers. George IV's Brighton Pavilion and Fitzherbert's Steine House
His and Hers. George IV’s Brighton Pavilion and Fitzherbert’s Steine House. -Panoramic elevational drawing of Old Steine that shows The Brighton Pavilion, The Kitchen buildings and following in line successive buildings found at Palace Place, Castle Square and Old Steine until we reach the current YMCA building that was at its time Steine House; the former residence of Maria Fitzherbert, mistress and wife of the Prince Regent. Print artwork. Black Ink pen drawings colour added digitally. Print dimensions 1240 x 305 mm.  From £180.

alej ez -AF illustration - Brighton Pavilion Finials

Domes and finials (3) print size A4; 21×29.7cm, frame size 30x40cm

alej ez -AF illustration - Brighton Pavilion Domes

Pavilion domes (4) print size A4; 21×29.7cm, frame size 30x40cm

alej ez -AF illustration - Brighton Pavilion Magic Lantern Slide

Brighton Pavilion Magic lantern slide (5) print size A4 29.7×21 cm


Brunwick Town. Hove

Brunwick Town. Hove


Brunswick Place and the Sea
Brunswick Place and the Sea. – A wanted a view of the sea is provided by typically Brighton bow fronted houses. Brunswick Place was finished by 1828. Designed by Charles Augustin Busby. occupants of Brunswick Place could be said to be a typical Hove mix of the 19th century with a few private schools, several wealthy widows, a number of clergymen, some eminent military personnel and a light sprinkling of titles. Print size 29.7 x 42cm, frame size 40x50cm (Also available A1 size 59.4 x 84.1cm)

alej-ez-af-illustration-regency-town-houseThe Regency Town House (2) print size 42×29.7

alej ez - AF illustration - Regency Town House window I

The Regency Town House. Window detail (3) print size 42×29.7

alej ez - AF illustration - Brunswick sq Ionic capital I

Brunswick square. Ionic Order (4) print size 42×29.7

alej ez - AF illustration - Brunswick sq Corinthian capital I

Brunswick square. Corinthian Order (5) print size 42×29.7

alej-ez-af-illustration-brunswick-placeBrunswick Place (7) print size 21×29.7, frame size 30x40cm

In the 1720s and 30s ‘Brighthelmstone’, as it was then known began to be used as a bathing resort. However, its real transformation into a centre of fashion began in the 1750s with the publication of Dr. Richard Russell’s medical sea-bathing cures.


The Seaside

The Seaside, Brighton Print Artwork

alej ez - AF illustration - Bicycle ralings and Brighton Pier.

Bicycle, railings, Brighton Pier and Wind farm (1) print size 29.7x42cm, A3.

alej ez -AF illustration - Bike and bench Brighton Seafront

Bicycle and iron bench, Brighton seafront (2) print size 42×29.7cm, A3.

Beach huts Palmeira, Adelaide and victorian street light

Beach Huts. Palmeira and Adelaide. Hove  (3) print size 42×29.7cm, A3.


Iron Works, West Pier, Brighton Promenade (4) print size 42×29.7cm, A3.


, Victorian streets lightsIron Works, Marine Parade, Brighton Pier (5) print size 42×29.7cm, A3.

alej ez -AF illustration - Deck chairs on deck D

Deck chairs on deck (6) print size 42×29.7cm, A3.

alej ez -AF illustration - Brighton Pier Deck Chairs

Brighton Palace Pier, deck chairs (7) print size 42×29.7cm, A3.

Bandstand and Palace Pier, victorian streets lights, Brighton (8) print size 21 x 29.7, A4.

Bandstand and Palace Pier, Brighton (8) print size 21 x 29.7, A4.

alej ez -AF illustration - Bicycle by West Pier

Indian bicycle at the seafront (9) print size 21×29.7cm, A4.

alej ez -AF illustration - Helter skelter Brighton

Helter skelter, Brighton Pier (10) print size 29.7x42cm, A3.

alej ez -AF illustration - Brighotn Pier deck chairs I

Deck chairs, Brighton Pier (11) print size 29.7x42cm, A3.

 The seaside; brick arches, beach huts, Chinese street lights, style Victorian iron works.

Leo Frames (Brighton UK – North Laine). Point of sales. Online and print display.

Leoframes gallery. Contemporary Print Artwork in Brighton. Artist Alejez.

Leo Frames Brighton

tel. 01273 695862

70 North Rd, Brighton BN1 1Y


Leoframes is a family-run business and has been established in the North laine area of Brighton for more than 25 years. We sell a range of open and limited edition artworks, and modern screen prints from many different artists and publishers.




Studio Green House. 18 Jew Street. Brighton BN1 1UT. United Kingdom

If you are interested in visiting my art studio please to contact me:

Alejandro Martinez Rodriguez
m 07946381116
Studio Green House
18 Jew Street
Brighton BN1 1UT
United Kingdom

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Coast. Brighton Print Artwork

Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex. Size 21x29.7cm. Illustration artwork. From £45
Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex. Size 21×29.7cm. Print artwork. From £45

Seven Sisters, East Sussex. Size 21x29.7cm. Illustration artwork.
Seven Sisters, East Sussex (2) size 21×29.7cm. Print artwork. From £45.

From the Palace Pier to the West Pier,  Brighton. Size 76x28cm. Watercolour and line drawing illustration.
From the Palace Pier to the West Pier,  Brighton. Size 76x28cm. Watercolour and line drawing Print Artwork. SOLD

From the Palace Pier to the West Pier,  Brighton. Size 76x28cm. Watercolour and line drawing Print Artwork. Detail.

Bandstand and Pier, Brighton. Size 84x31.5cm. Illustration artwork.
Bandstand and Pier, Brighton. Size 84×31.5cm. Print artwork.

Orangutan Hippopotamus. Homage to the Booth Museum of Natural History. Brighton.

An homage to a drawing trip with Scarlett and Jake to the fantastic BOOTH MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY last summer. Drawing on the spot sitting on the carpet looking to this amicable spirit behind its glass cabinet then ink drawing and illustrated A1 size. An enchanting skeleton of a baby Orangutan holding in his bony hand The museum. A meaningful and respectful thought to the endeavours of our Victorian chaps looking for answers about who we are and our environment, collecting their menageries of bones, skin and hair. Also with a Victorian twist that looks at phantasmagoria and the chilling past-time of deciphering supernatural events

 ale ez -Orangutan Booth Museum 594x420

Oran Gutan.  Illustration 594x420mm



Hippopotamus.  Illustration 594x420mm