Pallant House Gallery North South.

Fauna. Brighton Artwork.

Fauna. Brighton. Print Artwork.

alej-ez-af-illustration-seagul-and-chick-bandstand-hove-and-brightonSeagull and chick by the Bandstand. Brighton  (1) size 21 x 29.7 cm.

alej-ez-af-illustration-sleepy-dog-palmeira-and-adelaideSleepy dog. Palmeira and Adelaide. Hove. (2) size 21 x 29.7 cm.

alej-ez-af-illustration-cat-hove-lawsSleepy cat. Hove Lawns. (3) size 21 x 29.7 cm.

ale ez -Orangutan Booth Museum 594x420

Oran Gutan.  Print ARtwork 594x420mm

An homage to a drawing trip with Scarlet and Jake to the fantastic BOOTH MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY last summer. Drawing on the spot sitting on the carpet looking to this amicable spirit behind its glass cabinet then ink drawing and illustrated A1 size. An enchanting skeleton of a baby Orangutan holding in his bony hand The museum. A meaningful

print artwork

and respectful thought to the endeavours of our Victorian chaps looking for answers about who we are and our environment, collecting their menageries of bones, skin and hair. Also with a Victorian twist that looks at phantasmagoria and the chilling past-time of deciphering supernatural events

ale ez -hippopotamus Booth Museum 594x420

Hippopotamus.  Print Artwork size 594 x 420 mm.

alej-ez-af-illustration-baby-emperor-penguinsBaby emperors. (4) size 42×29.7cm.

alej-ez-af-illustration-baby-skunksBaby skunks. (5) size 42×29.7cm.

Turner Contemporary, Margate

The result of a day trip to the South East Coast of England. It snowed on the way and was bitterly cold; frost bite inducing north winds in Margate battered the coast.

In my mind the sun was shining, the sea was shimmering and these drawings are the result of that day. The Turner Contemporary Gallery is a gem. They know how to make you feel welcome.

Illustrated artwork printed on matt photographic paper, individually signed and dated


Turner Contemporary across the bay, Margate (1) print size A4 (29.7x21cm)


Turner Contemporary, panoramic window, Margate (2) print size A4 (29.7x21cm)


Turner Contemporary,  Margate (3) print size A4(29.7x21cm)

UK iconic

UK iconic. Print Artwork.


alej ez Telephone box K6 27.9x42

Telephone Box. model .by Gilbert Scott. (1) size 29.7x42cm.

alej ez Royal Crescent Door - Kemptown Brighton 29.7x42

Royal Crescent door. Kemptown Brighton. (2) size 29.7x42cm.

alej ez -Royal Mail Lette box A3

Post Box. (3) size 29.7x42cm.

The Grange, Ramsgate

Pugin’s own house The Grange in Ramsgate. The Landmark Trust has done an amazing job restoring this building and the St Edward’s Presbytery next door. Love Gothic – oh yes I do!

Illustrated artwork printed on matt photographic paper, individually signed and dated

Pugin’s The Grange, Ramsgate(1)print size 21×29,7cm


 Pugin’s The Grange and St Edward’s Presbytery, Ramsgate (2) print size 21×29,7cm


 Gothic door knob, Pugin’s The Grange,Ramsgate (3) print size 21×29,7cm

Ink minute….The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a natural formation distinguished by layered bands of red rock, revealing millions of years of geological history in cross-section. Vast in scale, the canyon averages 10 miles across and a mile deep along its 277-mile length.

Large landscapes of the World and other animals

Yosemite Big Walls

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(3)-Yosemite-big-wallsalej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(2)-Yosemite-big-walls

  Grand Canyon

6 x 10 cm black ink

Grand Canyon Nankoweap Granaries

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(8)-Grand-Cayon-Nankoweap-alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(9)-Grand-Cayon-Nankoweap-

 San Francisco Legion of Honour Restaurant Hot Dog

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(10)-San-Francisco-Legion-of-Honour-Hot-Dogalej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(10)-San-Francisco-Legion-of-Honour-Hot-Dog.JPG

Hawaii Manua Kea summit

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(15)-Mauna-Kea-summit-alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(14)-Mauna-Kea-summit-

California Tomales Bay

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(15)-California-Tomales-Bay

California Tomales Bay

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(18)-San-California-Tomales-Bayalej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(19)-San-California-Tomales-Bay

Sea Lion, Santa Cruz

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(19)-Santa-Cruz-Sea-Lion

Santa Cruz Sky Glider

6 x 10 cm black ink alej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(4)-Santa-Cruz-Parkalej-ez-ink-dwg-6x10cm-XII-(5)-Santa-Cruz-Park

Botany Bay, Kent

14 x 9.5 cm black inkalej-ez-Botany-bay-14x9.5cm-(3b)alej-ez-Botany-bay-14x9.5cm-(6b)