print named Blue Dungeness Derek Jarman Prospect Cottage by artist alej ez

Blue Dungeness Derek Jarman Prospect Cottage



‘Blue Dungeness Derek Jarman Prospect Cottage.’

Art print on art paper using archival inks. Created from my original ink drawings to which I apply colour digitally. The print size is 124 x 30.5 cm approx. From a limited edition of 100, the print is signed and numbered.

In 1993 Derek Jarman created a film under the name of Blue. It features a single static shot of this colour while he reads a text about AIDS and his impending death. He was partially blind, his vision was interrupted by blue light.

I first visited Dungeness in 2012, I felt captivated by the expressive landscape of solemnity and dignity. There, you feel you are under a perfect spherical sky.
I am most interested in showing how architecture appears in a landscape as part of a holistic experience. At Dungeness the modest Derek Jarman’s fisherman’s cottage sits surrounded by his garden harmoniously on a sea of shingles under a vast sky. The scarcity of services relates with being self sufficient and what is more important with the use of less resources whilst leading a fulfilling life. The straight (curved) line that forms the horizon in Dungeness is perfectly pleasing to the architect’s eye. 

There are four layers of work that makes my this print:
1. Base line drawing of the cottage building and landscape including the Old Lighthouse, the nuclear power plant, fisherman huts, boats and the new lighthouse (it was built because the nuclear plant made the Old Lighthouse redundant)
2. Potato prints for the flowers. Valerian, Californian Poppies, Gorse and Foxgloves.
3. Japanese brush ink drawing for the clouds
4. Colour added digitally.

If you would like to discuss a purchase, enquire about framing options, or know more about this print please do not hesitate to contact me by email , mobile 079463811116 or in person by visiting my studio in Brighton.

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