Beach Print

Beach print

I do like to be beside the seaside!

I have created series of fun art prints under a collection called ‘Beach Art’. This beach print series portrays leisure time spent at the beach.

Art print titled Diving into the Sea by artist alej ez

Brighton is the city where I live, a city by the sea in the South East of England. Out and about I often see people enjoying the beach.

I find a lot of joy in observing the different characters and the multiple activities that happen at the beach, and to share this joy I have created this collection of fun sea prints that focuses on activities we like to do whilst we are at the beach.

Swimmers, divers, paddleboarders among the odd tight-rope walker with a shimmering sea under bright sunny skies. With a hint of nostalgia, these designs with my own distinctive style look at the works by artist Robert Tavener and the New Romantic British artists John Minton and Keith Vaughan. There is so much to appreciate and enjoy from past artists.

Sea art

I am most interested in the relationships between us and the coast. I have through the years I have I have created numerous art prints that depicts the many different forms the sea meets the coast: white cliffs, marshes, deltas, beaches and man-made harbours and seaside towns a promenades.

Sea Print

I create these prints from my original ink drawings, these are scanned and colour is added digitally. This process combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies. The result are a picture perfect prints that retain the hand made quality and a lavish and vibrant colour palette.

West Pier Brighton

In April 2021 I started an artist resident at the West Pier Trust. This Trust among other things celebrates the legacy and heritage of the West Pier in Brighton. To mark the commencement of my residency, I created this collection of prints that show the West Pier in the horizon. But I will not stop here as I hope to grow this collection with depictions of other Uk seaside towns.

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