About me

The art process

Drawing is my passion and my art is an evolution of my practice as architect. For many years I kept sketch books and created all sort of presentations aided with digital tools to clients , consultants and planners. After years combining these two techniques, I developed my own usage of colour and a personal expression with ink.

I draw the subjects of my prints from direct experience of my surrounding world. True to the words of the poem  ‘Leisure’ by William Henry Davies, I take my time to stand and stare and, consequently,  find order where there is chaos. Is this order that I try to express, forming my designs through lines, dots, textures and colour. 

To create my pieces, I combine the use of pen and ink, lino, litho and collagraphs printmaking techniques with digital tools. From my own photographs, back in the studio I create base drawings for my prints. I draw on sheets of specialised marker paper with calligraphic brushes, fine-line ink pens, sponges, sandpaper and other materials using watercolour, ink and charcoal. I scan these sheets to collate them digitally as layers, similarly to  the different plates of a lithographic print. In the final stage I add colour digitally.  I print my designs on art paper using archival inks, and edition them as limited edition prints, each individually signed.

It is only towards the end of these processes that I feel that the order that I find in the world is expressed back in my design, and ultimately this commands an emotional response, a delight in a treasured memory, making space and sense in the world.

Alej ez

You know now about my practice, but let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Alejandro Martinez Rodriguez, although I sign my prints as alej ez.

I am an architect and printmaker. My motto is ‘Love life, love art!’ I depict my surrounding world: physical, cultural and emotional, with craftsmanship that borrows from my architectural training and inventive curious nature.

If I am not  creating art, you can find me either dancing African dance outdoors at the seafront; swimming in the sea with my swimming group by the Palace Pier; doing a body pump class in my budget gym in town; or walking up and down the South Downs and along the coast to soak nature, sunshine and the sea breeze. Though most of my time and long late evenings are spent in my studio working on new pieces.

I belong to a cooperative of creative people based in the North Laine called Studio Greenhouse. We often work together, do group shows and support and welcome new young artists.

I also run a life drawing class at the Sussex County Arts Club with all levels of artistry. I am proud to say that our models and creators are representative of Brighton’s thriving and diverse community.

The West Pier Trust nominated me as Resident artist in mid 2021, so every Thursday you can find me at their premises at the seafront arches creating art too. 

I was born in 1973 and grew up in the South of Spain in Granada, Cadiz and then Seville surrounded by beautiful historic architecture and colourful bright skies. I graduated from Escuela de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Sevilla in 1997 and in a bold move I made the UK my residence in 2000. I worked for Rick Mather architects which specialised in museum design.  Being involved in projects such as Dulwich Picture Gallery and National History Museum paved my way into the arts. In 2004, I moved to Brighton and for a few years I carried out architectural work and printmaking in parallel, until 2019 when my love of drawing and printmaking got the best of me and I became a full time artist.

My first exhibition was in 1998 at Artefacto Gallery in Seville, Spain. After a gap of twelve years, stirred up by Brighton’s energetic art scene, I started creating and selling art. After that point, every year I have participated at the Artists Open Houses Festival. I have exhibited in Gallery 94 at Glyndebourne and had solo exhibitions at the West Pier Trust and the Regency Town House, both located in Brighton. Currently my work is permanently on display in selected galleries from East to West Sussex.

At studio
Alej ez art Interview by Lisa Francesca Nand. 8 December 2021.
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Filed trip. Walk from Glynde to Lewes. Looking towards Firle.


Magazines and galleries

‘It’s a bit of shame to confine the work of Alej ez to our A5 cover. His panoramic drawings which capture local landscapes with the kind of confident, sparing line you might expect of an architect, often extend over several meters.’ Viva Magazine April 2019 Brighton.

‘Architect turn artist Alej ez uses his skills as a draftsman to create complex and beautiful panoramic line images of Brighton and Sussex buildings and landscapes.’ Melita Dennett Sep 2019 Reverb Radio.

‘The West Pier is particularly beautiful when we look at the work of Alej ez.’ Yael October 2019 Latest TV interview.

‘Ez’s architectural training is clear in his prints – the delicate use of line, the precision of structures and forms, the scale and sense of space conveyed in colour and tone. But these are more than just aerial views of much loved places. Ez’s meticulous colour blocking and rhythmic use of line command an emotional response, a delight in a treasured memory, of making space and sense in the world.’ N Tyssom from Gallery 94 Fair Ground Exhibition Glyndebourne

Articles and links:

2012 May. Brighton Journal alej e artist of the week.

2021 April. Brighton Artist Residency at West Pier Centre.

2021 Artist Open Houses Festival. AOH Artist alej ez tells us about his Brighton and Hove Illustrated Alphabet

2022 August. Chalk Gallery artist alej ez.

2022. Access Art org . Artist Studio Series: alej ez.

2023 Artists Open Houses Festival. Alej ez tells us about his life, art and newly renovated home.

2023. Art UK. Discover artist alej ez 1973.

2023. Glyndebourne. ‘Unheard Melodies’ Collection by alej ez.

Individual reviews

‘Thank you so much for creating these works- I grew up in Brighton, I think of it with the crisp air and the buzz of the city, the exuberant madness of the Pavilion, and the art and music bursting from the places and people. Your dragon pieces fill me with joy.’ Anna Feb 2024

‘Beautiful prints of Alej’s work capturing the wonderful landscapes around Brighton.’ Steve Jan 2024. Google review.

‘Met this artist at the Brighton Fringe and love everything he does. The colours are beautiful and he really captures the sights of Brighton. Worth every penny. The pictures are posted quickly and efficiently and are well packaged for protection. Please support this brilliant artist.’ Allie December 2023. Google review.

‘Have bought a large print for a colleague returning to Australia and others for our house in Brighton. They are beautiful and wrapped and presented so nicely. But also, Alex is such a lovely, thoughtful and helpful man which makes the whole experience excellent.’ SR October 2023. UK. Google review.

‘I’ve purchased two prints from Alej… both absolutely gorgeous, and made with such care and passion. Thank you!’ Flo Jan 2023.

‘Our A3 print of the Wagtails on Hove seafront arrived today, thank you so much for your great service, it is a wonderful piece of art which will brighten our room.’ Bob May 2022 Norwich.

‘Wonderful pictures …we had to have the print of Hove Seafront as it had our flat on it ! We bumped into Alejez in Leo’s Frames coincidentally and as the prints were a little too wide he was able to reduce the size for us. We are so pleased with them. Thank you so much.’ Debbie April 2022. Google review.

‘Looking at your beautiful prints will keep me going, thinking of the sea and Sussex coastline, till I’m home again.’ O. May 2020 London.

‘My print arrived this morning and it is beautiful. Thank you so much!’ D.  April 2020 Norwich.

‘All his works depicting Brighton, Hove, London as well as coastal and countryside scenes are freehand sketches that are finished digitally. Years of architectural training and practice translate to an impressive interpretation of memorable vistas with crisp intricate lines, vivid colours and bold tones.’  Jason April 2020 Brighton.

‘Perfection in all things and you have style.’ Sharon March 2020 Kent.

‘Your artwork brings pleasure to all those lucky enough to have seen, or even own… A delight xxx.’ Adrienne Jan 2014 London.

‘Stunning , such wonderful attention to detail.’  Edmund April 2020 London.

‘So Beautiful and full of care.’ Holly Jan 2020 Brighton.

‘We cannot wait to put this up to join our other two glorious paintings of yours. Thank you for giving us so much joy, your work is stunning.’ O. April 2020 Brighton.

‘Beautifully detailed Brighton scenes.’ Art5 Gallery Brighton.

‘He has always had a passion for drawing and in parallel with his architectural training he nurtured his particular interest in pen and ink drawings with graphic design.’ Leo Frames July 2019 Brighton.

Reviews from overseas

‘In a time when darkness seems to envelop all of us, every ray of light must be kept as a precious gift.
Alejandro’s work, with its delicate details, shines warmly and illuminates the uncertain path we must walk these days. Thank you for your Art and for enabling us to have a small piece of Brighton at home!’  L. Eced November 2020 Valencia.

‘Hello from Sydney! I arrived Sat with your wonderful print in my hand luggage. My daughter is completely thrilled with it & full of admiration for your work. It was definitely a hit as a Christmas present!’ H. January 2020 Sydney

Stockist, exhibiting galleries and shows

My art prints are for sale in the following galleries.

I am looking for more interesting and exciting venues so if you think we can collaborate please get in touch.

Pallant House Gallery – Chichester. West Sussex.

Glyndebourne Shop and Gallery 94 – Lewes. East Sussex.

Avocet Gallery – Rye. East Sussex.

Eastbourne Framing Centre – Eastbourne. East Sussex.

Leo Frames – Brighton. North Laine. East Sussex.

Art 5 – Brighton. The Lanes. East Sussex.

Laughing Dog – Brighton Marina and Worthing. . East Sussex.

Unique Arts – Hove. East Sussex.

Grin Finch Shop – Ticehurst. East Sussex.

Wychwoodart – Deddington. Oxfordshire.

At Pallant Gallery Book Shop
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