About me

Alej ez

My name is Alejandro Martínez Rodríguez though I sign my work as Alej ez. 

I am an architect and artist born in Granada, Spain. I moved to the UK in 2000. Since 2007 I have lived and worked in Brighton, a city by the sea in the South East of England.


I was born in 1973 in the historic city of Granada, Spain. I studied architecture at Seville University. In August 2000 I moved to London. I landed with a job for the Park Lane Hotel in Mayfair as a porter first and then in the position of income audits. Soon after I found my first job as an architect at Rick Mather’s Architects.

In 2011, I moved to Brighton where I worked for several architectural practices. In 2019 when I decided to pursue my career as an artist and a sole practitioner architect.  I am currently a member of Studio Green House which is a cooperative for creative people.

The art process

I am passionate about drawing and print making. In particular I am drawn to line drawing and the use of ink on paper above other art forms.

The process to create one of my prints starts with the selection of the subject, the assessment of this choice for different reasons and the designation of a particular view. The subject is partly drawn from my experience of my immediate World and experience: where I live, trips to nature, people I know, buildings I admire. I often take my camera with my around town and on days out. 


The selection of a subject and view is not only determined by my experiences. I am aware of artwork by other artists, they form what I call my inner experience. I often combine both and in my walks I visit the locations from where other artists have created their paintings and drawings. From Samuel Palmer, William Blake, John Piper, Eric Ravilious, John Minton, Paul Nash, David Hockney, Constable, Turner and more.

Print making projects

I plan the creation of my prints as projects, with similar processes and stages that an architectural project has.Research, visits to locations, brief creation, development of  ideas, schedule photographic work, creation of base work for the prints, and color rendering using digital tools.

It takes me a considerable time to complete one of my panoramic prints. There is a lot of craftsmanship to do so I am often early at my art studio.The process is rather meditative, there is a lot of necessary and important repetition, mark making has to be constant in form to attain a coherent outcome.

My practice is threefold. Firstly, I draws or take photographs of coastal views, landscapes and cityscapes, then I translate these into delicate line ink drawings in his studio before scanning and adding colour digitally. A limited edition run of each print is then produced.

My architectural training is clear in my prints: the delicate use of line, the precision of structures and forms, the scale and sense of space conveyed in colour and tone. But my aim is above than just create views of much loved places. I aim to command an emotional response with a meticulous colour blocking and rhythmic use of line. And ultimately make space and sense in the world.

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