Interior project. Baked Cafe. Hove

Interior project. Baked Cafe. Hove

In autumn 2020, This cosy room at Baked Cafe in Hove was decorated with my new print series called ‘Chinoiseriez Life’ three prints with joyful dragons and the Brighton Royal Pavilion in green arsenic and pink hues set in gold frames. They were printed at the super large size A0.

In collaboration with restaurant owner I designed an interior with panelling, alternating mirrors and bunk soft seating.

Dragons and The Brighton Royal Pavilion

Three new prints

These are some of my designs that where chosen to decorate the space. It instantly gave a happy buzzing atmosphere to what before had uninspiring and no-cohesive elements. Each printed at A0 size for great impact.

‘Chinoiseriez Life Enchantment’

‘Chinoiseriez Life Joy’

‘Chinoiseriez Life Delight’

The room had windows with no aspect so I proposed Colin, the owner, to hung three consecutive large A0 size each formats to form a tryptic with my panorama ‘Hove Brighton Promenade Pebble Beach’ which make for sure the best view in Brighton and Hove!

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