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In this article I show my art displayed in work environments. You can select from contemporary and classic collections of artworks to add  vibrant and thoughtful designs to your walls. Discover the perfect art print to create your happy place. My art prints are issued as signed limited editions, but they have affordable prices. Many come in standard sizes which makes framing a straightforward business.

‘Alej ez’s work is so distinctive and it is an absolute pleasure to see.’ Liam

‘The precision in form is exquisite but, interestingly, the atmosphere is not lost in that detailed form.

No matter how many times we look at it, we can always find something new in the detail.’ Helen


Art for your office and work from home interior

My work has often been described not only as vibrant and contemporary but also as calm and soothing. At work concentration is important, it is also vital to have the necessary rest for the eyes and the brain to reactivate and generate lateral thinking that improves creativity. My artwork can facilitate these necessary breaks through windows to well known and loved landscapes. If you want to recreate an ideal vista in your office or home studio you can do it with one of my unique art pieces.

Office artwork ideas

Large triptych panoramic print

My tryptic of the print ‘Seven Sisters White Cliffs’, can transform the interior of your office with a window to this beautiful and loved landscape

Office Wall Art

You can also select a combination of my panoramic prints that together forms a serene scene.

Office Art print

Signature piece

Transform your office into a place of productivity

You can transform your office meaningfully with artwork with significance. My work often celebrates the life of remarkable people. Start a conversation with your clients on a high note. This one in particular shows Prospect Cottage, the home in Dungeness of film director Derek Jarman.

Home Office Art

Your home office should not look different from the rest of your home. If you can, spend time and think about how to make it pleasing and invigorating.

Ideas for a Stimulating Home Office

You can convert your study into a place of productivity

Working from home: With the right furniture, a ergonomic chair that keeps your back straight and the eyes at the right height, neat storage space and good lighting you can create a space the suffice for the office, but to make it more appealing, since you might spend there long periods of time, you might want more and create a loved and beautiful space where your creativity can thrive.Here as some tips:

Set the mood

Different colours and colour combinations have different influences on our brains. Set a colour that matches your personality.

Neutral Shades work as a white canvas, they are calm and collected. I love the fact that with neutral colours there is always an understated tone of warmth or coolness to it. You can choose bright accessories to make the office environment more vibrant.

Be mindful that red and orange are associated with concentration, but it also might put you on alert. Yellow, on the other hand, is happy and stimulates creativity. Greens are good for inner stability. Blue lowers stress and, just like yellow, gets those creative juices flowing.

Grow some greens

On your own, in the home office, plants will help you maintain an atmosphere of peace and calm. In addition to their air-purifying qualities, the routine of looking after them will strengthen your love for the office space you are aiming to create.

Add some art to the walls 

At the end of the day you are at home. But give it a good thought, looking at art can give you the necessary brain rest between difficult tasks. Choose something that relates to you. Do you like the countryside, the coast, city escapes? Hang it where you can see it. I have one of my panoramas right in front of me on my desk. So when I look up from my desk I have in front of me an idealised landscape. I sometimes replace it with a different print. It  feels like I have a window to my favourite places. 

Armed with these nifty tips, it’s time to grab home office life by the horns. Recline in your chair, muse upon which colours and designs will unleash your creative potential, and get inspired. And presto, your home office will become an oasis of focussed productivity.

I hope you found this note useful. if you need assistance with your office or work from home hope you found this note useful. If you need assistance with your office or work from home studio please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form. I can produce technical elevations to scale with a representation of your space and the art prints of your choice. Get in touch here

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