House portrait

Unique House Portrait by Alej ez

Please send me a message using the GET in TOUCH section to commission an unique House Portrait.

This is an experimental art pieces, the cost of a house portrait is £50, including postage.

Your House Portrait will depict not just your home but also something relating to you. This can be your lovely pet, or something about your favourite hobby, personality or life history. Drawn in pen and ink with gold gouache. Each drawing approx. 6×8 inches, on very special paper, originating from blank pages of an 1887 RIBA Charter & By-Laws Letter Book salvaged from an antique bookshop.

House Portrait. How it works

  1. Send me a photo of the front facade of your building – can be a flat in a block, a detached or terrace house to my email:
  2. Let me know what message is to be added to the design: normally a simplified address.
  3. I will then confirm if I can go ahead and send you my payment details, either bank transfer or paypal.
  4. I will then send your “House Portrait” and a certificate within two weeks.

As part of my house portrait initiative, in April 2022 I created the ten unique “House Portraits” for Ukraine and raised £500. I made this to raise funds in support of Ukraine against all the horrific suffering. Each commission raised £50 to support a Ukrainian registered charity such us Red Cross UKRAINE CRISIS APPEAL or Ukraine crisis Médecins Sans Frontières

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