Art residency at the West Pier Trust

Artist Residency

Starting in April 2020 and for a year The West Pier Trust has nominated me as their Artist in Residence. A brand new position within the West Pier Trust. With it the West Pier Trust strengthens its cultural offer in the contemporary art scene.

I first got involved with the West Pier in September 2019 where I held an art exhibition in their premises. As it happened, the experience was so positive that we discussed how to possibly continue my involvement with the West Pier. This is how the residency started.

West Pier Trust

The West Pier Trust, created in 1978, is a charity and limited company that owns the West Pier site. Originally its purpose was to rebuild the West Pier, though after the devastating fires the pier became damaged beyond repair, and the restoration not possible. The Trust looks at the present, it is the landlord of the I360. The I360 has become the new contemporary landmark in Brighton.

For the future the Trust has the project to renovate and reinstate one of the original kiosk that then will stand for the community as a permanent memory of Britain’s most celebrated and Beautiful Pier.

Brighton’s West Pier

‘All the Fun of the fair!’

The West Pier is a unique seaside pier. Construction of this classic pleasure pier started in 1866. A jewel in Victorian engineering with innovative tetchiness from the industrial revolution. It was richly decorated with dolphins, shields, urns and garlands. On the deck you could see oriental minarets, intricate lace cast iron works for balustrades and seats, serpent lamp post and many other fanciful images. The West Pier became a symbol of Brighton. Gradually new elements were added to it: screens, kiosks, even a theatre to become the most lavish pier in Brighton.

Artist Resident work

My work with the West Pier trust involves opening the West Pier Centre one day a week to welcome visitors and create artwork under the theme of the West Pier. It is remarkable to hear many visitors at the West Pier Centre relating their memories of enjoying days in the sun promenading on the deck of the West Pier.

West Pier art

Below you can see a series of my art prints that show the West Pier. Many of these I have created during my residency.

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