Brighton West Pier Love

‘Moments of the West Pier Captured in Art’

In September 2023 Jackie Marsh-Hobbs, a historian expert in Brighton Seaside and the West Pier subjects, was putting together a a talk titled ‘Moments of the West Pier Captured in Art’. For which I was asked to provide and describe some of my prints that depicts the West Pier.

West Pier Rampion Flowers and Wind Farm

‘West Pier Rampion Flowers and Wind farm’- The Rampion Wind Farm take its name from the Round Headed Rampion flower [Playteuma Orbiculare] or as colloquially known ‘The Pride of Sussex’. It is actually a cluster of small flowers that looks like a sea anemone when open. A herbaceous plant from the family of the campanulaceae with large erect stems. You can find it in most of Europe but it thrives in the Downs grasslands chalky soils. In the language of flowers, the campanula means gratitude. Print sizes standard A3 (29.7 x 42cm) and A4 (21 x 29.7cm).

This is my homage to the naming of the Wind Farm, it was a competition in schools, the winner, a young student, named the wind farm after the Rampion or Pride of Sussex flowers that are unique to chalky soils. read this news here

Cormorants West Pier Antique Ochre and Blue

art print titled West Pier Cormorants Antique Ochre and Blue by artist alej ez

This print is an expression in my classic colours of the extraordinary remains of the West Pier and its current most singular and abundant dwellers, the cormorants. I am an architect and in putting together this print I discovered so many beautiful details like the ornate column capitals or the lovely surround banding of finials that now hung like clothing in a drying line.

The Diving Cormorant Under the West Pier

This print is not only a flight of fancy but also a real account of the magnificent diving skills of the cormorants, this one swimming among the remains of the West pier and bathed by shimmering underwater sunbeams.

West Pier and Rampion Wind Farm Silver Grey

art print titled West Pier Rampion Wind Farm Silver Grey by artist alej ez

The West Pier and the Rampion Wind Farm sit together as expressions of engineering achievements of different eras.

West Pier and Rampion Wind Farm Eventide

art print titled West Pier Rampion Wind Farm Eventide by artist alej ez

I often get asked by collectors to revisit my prints with different colourways. This often leads to creation of collections

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