West Pier Prints. An art exhibition at the West Pier Centre

The West Pier Trust

From September 2019 to January 2020 West Pier Center held and exhibition of my West Pier Prints in Brighton. The West Pier Trust is a charity committed to preserve and celebrate the history of the West Pier through education and conservation projects.

Early 2019 I contacted the West Pier Chief Executive, Rachel Clark, with a proposal for a show of my prints at the West Pier Centre. I have been depicting the West Pier in my prints since I started my art career. For this reason  I could not conceal my excitement when The West Pier Trust accepted my proposal.

The West Pier Centre currently stocks my work. If you are in town please visit. You can find them next to the I360 Tower under the Kings Way arches.

The West Pier

The West Pier was designed by Eugenius Birch and opened in 1866. It was constructed during a boom in pleasure pier building in the 1860s, and was designed to attract tourists to Brighton. It was the town’s second pier, joining the Royal Suspension Chain Pier that opened in 1823. In 1893 was extended, and a concert hall was added in 1916. It peaked popularity between 1918 and 1919 with 2 million visitors.  But its popularity declined after World War II, and concerts were replaced by a funfair and tearoom.

The pier closed to the public in 1975 and fell into disrepair. It gradually collapsed during the early 21st century. Major sections collapsed during storms in late 2002, and two separate fires through arson in March and May 2003 destroyed most of the remaining structure, leading to English Heritage declaring it beyond repair. Some structured demolition took place in 2010 to make way for the i360 observation tower; further structural damage from storms has occurred since.

West Pier Prints

When you see it first a strong emotion of sadness might overcome you, but once you learn about the history you cannot but respect and admire this construction. It now stands like a contemporary art installation on the sea. Since I moved to Brighton I have depicted it in many prints and drawings. You can see a collection of my prints that depicts the West Pier.






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