The Font in Saint Nicholas Brighthelmstone Church Sussex

The Font in Saint Nicholas Brighthelmstone Church Sussex

alej ez constructions. Cut out paper template to make your own font in Saint Nicholas Brighthelmstone Church Sussex

This December 2023 I have marked my good wishes for a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2024 with the creation of a cut out design of the charming Norman font of St Nicholas Church in Brighton.
This font of great antiquity was carved approximately at the end 12th century from a single block of Caen stone. Four decorated panels depict St Nicholas saving the sailors, Christ’s baptism, the Last Supper and an unknown scene.
I have embellished this beautiful 1779 etching from The Antiquarian Repertory Vol III with colour.

For many years I lived opposite this lovely church in Brighton so it means a lot to me. In fact my first ever art fair in 2012 approx. was a dog show in the grounds of this church, I displayed my art respectfully on the tombstones, some of them of very remarkable people like Martha Gunn, Phoebe Hessel and Anna Maria Crouch. Martha Gunn 1776-1815, was famous as the “Queen of Dippers”, helping fashionable ladies in and out of the sea from their bathing machines.
As you do when in Brighton.

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