Unique hand finished print in gold gouache. ‘Chinoiseriez Gold’

Unique hand finished print in gold gouache. ‘Chinoiseriez Gold’

This art piece is the result of a request from a client to add elements in gold to my ‘Chinoiseriez Dragon Print’.

This exercise makes every piece different and individual.

This design echoes the the chrisom wall paper with hand painted scenes in in gold that decorates the Music Room at the Brighton Royal Pavilion.

This print showcases the Brighton Royal Pavilion with a formation of dragons flying above in the sky. Dragons mean in Asian culture wealth and prosperity. I started drawing dragons in 2011, read about my relationship with this extraordinary creatures in my article ‘Dragon Art‘.

Below you can see two finished pieces, one has a gilded bamboo frame, the other has a hand painted frame with circle motives

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the commission of unique hand finished print in gold gouache

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