Brighton Gin limited edition pride 2020

Design for Brighton Gin of their iconic Pride limited edition bottle for 2020 Brighton Pride

Brighton Gin approached me in 2020 to design the label for their iconic Brighton Pride Limited Edition bottle in support of the Rainbow Fund.

The aspect of LGTB+ Pride I feel more in tuned with is with celebration of the advances of the society in terms of acceptance and tolerance of the GLBT+ community. My work often reflects my intrinsic GLBT+ nature. It is so that at in the spring of 2020 I created  a large panoramic print of Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage and his garden in Dungeness.



set of greeting cards named Pride Inside Notecards Set by artist alej ez

Pride Inside Greeting Cards Set £12.5

Pride Inside

in 2020 an LGTB+ movement named ‘Pride Inside’ run the following catchy phrase ‘Proud no matter what. Don’t miss Pride’. This initiative gave the urge to produce something along this line. A research into the GLBT+ culture lead me to the fact that artist Gilbert Baker designed the original rainbow flag in 1978 in San Francisco. Gilbert created what is arguably the LGBTQ rights movement’s most recognizable and unifying symbol.

In 2017 The London Design Museum acquired the original flag.

I wanted to create a design to commemorate Pride in 2020 in Brighton.  In what can be described as an eureka moment, I instantly saw this rainbow flag over Brighton skies with its reflection in the sea.

Brighton Gin

Brighton Gin approached me after they saw my set of Brighton rainbow greeting cards. Kathy Caton and Charlie Thieme thought that my design would fit their brief and commissioned me to develop it further for they label.

The final design for the bottle shows the Victorian railings along the Brighton promenade . There are also the inviting steps that take you down to the pebble beach. On the sea stands the Iconic structure of the remains of the West Pier.

The inclusion of the West Pier in the final design brought me a lot of pride as in 2019 I exhibited my work at the West Pier Centre.

The design of the rainbow over the West Pier was completed with two additional colour bands, black and brown. This was a requirement to incorporate the current LGTB+ flag design.

‘West Pier Rainbow. 2020 Rainbow Fund Edition Print.’

From a limited edition of 250. I individually sign and number each print.

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