Brunwick Town. Hove


Brunswick Place and the Sea
Brunswick Place and the Sea. – A wanted a view of the sea is provided by typically Brighton bow fronted houses. Brunswick Place was finished by 1828. Designed by Charles Augustin Busby. occupants of Brunswick Place could be said to be a typical Hove mix of the 19th century with a few private schools, several wealthy widows, a number of clergymen, some eminent military personnel and a light sprinkling of titles. Print size 29.7 x 42cm, frame size 40x50cm (Also available A1 size 59.4 x 84.1cm)

alej-ez-af-illustration-regency-town-houseThe Regency Town House (2) print size 42×29.7

alej ez - AF illustration - Regency Town House window I

The Regency Town House. Window detail (3) print size 42×29.7

alej ez - AF illustration - Brunswick sq Ionic capital I

Brunswick square. Ionic Order (4) print size 42×29.7

alej ez - AF illustration - Brunswick sq Corinthian capital I

Brunswick square. Corinthian Order (5) print size 42×29.7

alej-ez-af-illustration-brunswick-placeBrunswick Place (7) print size 21×29.7, frame size 30x40cm

In the 1720s and 30s ‘Brighthelmstone’, as it was then known began to be used as a bathing resort. However, its real transformation into a centre of fashion began in the 1750s with the publication of Dr. Richard Russell’s medical sea-bathing cures.

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