Sussex Reflections

Heron Print Royal Pavilion Orient Nights framed art print by artist alej ez

Details of the show.

7-18 September

Opening Hours:

Wednesday to Saturday 10am-4pm

Sundays 1pm -4pm


The Grange Art Gallery

The Green, Rottingdean BN2 7HA

PRIVATE VIEW Thursday 8 September 6pm -8pm RSVP to alej ez m.07946381116

or get in touch using my contact form

The Grange in Rottingdean was originally the vicarage for St Margaret’s Church. Its most famous resident, the artist Sir William Nicholson gave the current name to the property. He lived there between 1909 – 1914 and called himself “the painter of the Downs”. Today, the Grange houses a museum, art gallery and summer tea garden, all under the auspices of Rottingdean Heritage. Rottingdean is a small village with a very interesting history and residents including Rudyard Kipling, one of the most famous 20th-century English poets who was a contemporary of William Nicholson.

I have titled the show Sussex Reflections for its different connotations. Reflections as thoughts provoked by different stimuli, such as the effects that reading Rudyard Kipling’s poetry about the beauty of the Sussex landscapes have on my work. Or literal reflections that happen in perfect still waters or on polished metals. Reflection also as personal symmetry: I have an identical twin brother, a mirror image of myself as a defining personality trait. Furthermore, there are the reflections in architecture and, as an architect myself, I understand the use of symmetry as a tool of design and composition through architectural styles. Finally, there is the sense of personal reflection: inner peace, which is one important aspect that I try to communicate in my art through contemplation. And this is my invitation to you, with the hope that you may reflect too.

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