Cuckmere Field Crimson



Cuckmere Field Crimson

In the beginning of 2024, I took a delightful stroll from Friston to Exceat through Friston Forest. As I neared the conclusion and departed the hamlet of Westdean in East Sussex—mind you, not West Dean in West Sussex—a steep hill with steps awaited, culminating at a flint wall. The payoff for ascending this hill is the breathtaking vista that unfolds before you.

This artwork captures the essence of one of the UK’s most iconic landscapes: the Cuckmere Valley where it meets the sea. Here, the calm, rolling hills of low grassland blend gracefully with the sea. This sea, a steadfast boundary in our coastal nation, doesn’t hinder but rather acts as a flowing channel, enabling communication and cultural exchange with distant shores

In this spirit, the print draws inspiration from diverse cultural traditions, perhaps echoing the intricate beauty of Asian woodwork or the minimalist elegance of Scandinavian nature depictions. Yet, amidst these influences, it retains a quintessentially English essence, offering a unique perspective on our connection to the land and the wider world.

To create this print, I start by crafting individual drawings in ink, which collectively form a collage comprising the final piece. I scan my drawings and digitally add colour. The original design solely exists in digital format, and I print it using archival inks and paper. I then release my design as a limited edition print, available in standard ‘A’ sizes, ranging from A0 (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) to A4 (21 x 29.7 cm).

White Cliffs

This print is deeply inspired by the rich artistic traditions of Asia. Fruit of my admiration for Japanese and Korean prints, with their exquisite colour transitions. In early 2020, I had the privilege of visiting the Guimet Musee, where I immersed myself in their remarkable collection and explored two captivating temporary exhibitions: ‘At the Court of Prince Genji: A Thousand Years of Japanese Imagination’, and ‘T’ang Haywen: A Chinese Painter in Paris (1927-1991)’, a contemporary of Zao Wou-ki. Additionally, my journey this year included an in-depth study of a 1979 book titled ‘How to Paint the Chinese Way’, and a magnificent publication from the British Museum, ‘Flowers in Art from East and West’ by Paul Hulton and Lawrence Smith. This extensive exploration and appreciation culminated in the creation of this print, infused with a contemporary interpretation of Asian aesthetics.

Cuckmere Fields Crimson
Photograph of the base drawings for the art print. I draw these on A3 sheets of pigment marker paper with calligraphic brushes, fine-line ink pens, sponges, sand paper and other materials. The medium is ink and often charcoal and wash. I scanned these to form the main line work and patterns in the final print.
‘Cuckmere Field Crimson’. A1 size edition framed print.

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