The Village Pond and Beacon Mill Rottingdean



The Village Pond and Beacon Mill Rottingdean

Print description

Up on the hill, the Beacon Mill stands as a landmark in this Sussex landscape, while life teems in the quintessential village pond.

Print details

To create this print, I start by crafting individual drawings in ink, which collectively form a collage comprising the final piece. I scan my drawings and digitally add colour. The original design solely exists in digital format, and I print it using archival inks and paper. I then release my design as a limited edition print, available in standard ‘A’ sizes, ranging from A0 (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) to A4 (21 x 29.7 cm).


The charming village of Rottingdean, featuring a picturesque duck pond and cozy cottages, is the epitome of a postcard-perfect setting. It boasts a nature reserve and beautifully manicured gardens, once home to Rudyard Kipling. Adding to its allure, the village has its own beach, just a five-minute stroll away. Yet, beneath this serene facade lies a more intriguing history that dates back to the Domesday Book of 1066 and earlier. The Grange Museum and Art Gallery reveals Rottingdean’s most captivating era – a period of meticulously organized smuggling in the late 1700s, purportedly involving nearly the entire village. Legends speak of a network of brick-lined tunnels from the cliffs, beneath the duck pond, and into villagers’ homes, with the Rottingdean Windmill’s sails used to signal a clear coast for smugglers.

Inspiration Behind the Design

In 2020, while staying at the Gothic Temple in Stowe, I was inspired by the enchanting evenings by the lake. At sunset, I witnessed a spectacular dance of mayflies, ascending and gliding rhythmically. This sensory overload became the catalyst for my print, which aims to convey the spirit of that magical day.

The Artistic Process

To create this design, I researched depictions of the natural world from various cultures, both historic and contemporary. The print draws inspiration from Chinese butterflies found in 18th-century wallpaper at the Brighton Royal Pavilion, Japanese art for the dragonflies, and the beautiful illustrations of English artist E. Ennion. The result is a celebration of life by the lake, featuring newts, dragonflies, mayflies, a grasshopper, and butterflies fluttering among oxeye daisies.

Additional information

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Print sizes: standard portrait and square

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