New Greeting Cards

I have been printing cards for a few years now, mostly for my personal use to send friends and loved ones. I have often sold them at art fairs and at exhibitions. Lots of people have asked if they are available, so I have now created themed collections to sell. I hope you enjoy the different sets I have produced.


Yipppeeeee! Thank you so much Alej Ez!! Your cards are beautiful… (R & T May 2020 Hove)

Your cards are superb (Michael May  2020 Eastbourne)

Beautiful!! ♥️. (Sarah April 2020 Brighton)

I feel spoilt for choice, all sets of your greeting cards are lovely! (Dominic April 2020 Brighton)

the ‘illustrated poem’ notepaper would be my first choice, though all are very fine. (Blue May 2020 Lewes)

Thank you, your cards are beautiful. ( S. April 2020 Seaford)

£12.50 for 5 cards and envelopes (postage included within UK)

the mesmerising white chalk cliffs of the South Coast of England. They stand defiant of the Channel weather. When you walk along the top of them you can enjoy expansive views of the sea; seen from below the cliffs rise up like natural white cathedrals. Cuckmere Valley, The Coastguard Cottages, The Seven Sisters hills , Beachy Head and National Trust Place Birling Gap with its air inhabitants, seagulls and starlings.

lighthouses I have visited around the World. I am showing this buildings around big moons, shimmering ocean rollers and iridescent lighting blue beams. Among others you might be able to identify:

Dungeness Old lighthouse was opened with great ceremony by His Royal Majesty the Prince of Wales in 1904 after a 3 year build, it was decommission in 1960 as Dungeness nuclear power station made it obsolete and prompted the construction of the new lighthouse.

Beachy Head Lighthouse is located in the English Channel below Beachy Head in East Sussex. It is an off shore construction built in granite with charismatic painted red stripes.

The Needles Lighthouse is an active 19th century lighthouse on the outermost of the chalk rocks at The Needles on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, near sea level. It was designed by James Walker  for Trinity House.

Hurst Point Lighthouse assist with the navigation between the Isle of Wight and the mainland. Built in 1867 to designs by James Douglass as a freestanding 26 metre tower.

Cape Byron Lighthouse in New South Wales, Australia was designed by Charles Harding and Cecil W. Darley and was constructed between 1899 and 1901 by Messrs Mitchell & King.

This set of five cards showcases the very much loved remains of the Victorian West Pier seen from the promenade by the beach shelters and the quintessential green painted wrought iron balustrades and street lights; at night with a stormy sea; a close up of the bent iron structure with cormorants drying their wings in the sun and from the distance blending with the landscape of the Palace Pier, the Marina and South Downs.

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