Curled Fox Sky Prospect Cottage Shingles and Sea Kale



‘Curled Fox Sky Prospect Cottage Shingles and Sea Kale’

Back in 2020 I visited Dungeness for a few days, one night I saw a fox just outside Prospect Cottage. We both loft a moment locked our eyes, we had an instant and powerful connection. Three years later, still with a strong imprint in my memory I created this design that celebrates a special moment where nature, art and love finds its way in a meaningful way.

created this print from my original ink drawings to which I apply colour digitally. Printed on fine art paper using archival inks. I issue the formats A1 & A2,A3 and A4  as limited editions of 100 where I individually sign and number each print.

“Busy old fool, unruly sun,
Why dost thou thus,
Through windows, and through curtains call on us?
Must to thy motions lovers’ seasons run?” Excerpt from The Sun Raising by John Don

Derek Jarman Garden

Derek Jarman created in what is designated as the only desert in the UK a remarkable garden. He planted sea kale, Iberian gorse, Californian poppies, valerian, lichen. And similarly whilst living in Dungeness Derek found beauty in decay, as he used to beachcombing the shore to pick up old rusted irons and half rotten timbers for his garden.

His garden was an experiment of life and art, of creation and survival where native and foreign plants grow together. Possibly mimicking the creative society he often surrounded himself with. To illustrate this he would describe how he would find pleasure in the smallest flower that with a struggle grows in the shingle.

The Garden Museum in 2020 put together an exhibition called ‘Derek Jarman: My garden’s Boundaries are the Horizon’. you can read a short article about my visit following this link.

base ink drawings for print Curled Fox Sky Prospect Cottage Shingles and Sea Kale
Photograph of the base drawings for the art print. I draw these on A3 sheets of pigment marker paper with calligraphic brushes, fine-line ink pens, sponges, sand paper and other materials. The medium is ink and often charcoal and wash. I scanned these to form the main line work and patterns in the final print.


Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman (1942-1994) was a epic English filmaker and artist, he was best known for his avant-garde art films and also famous as a set designer, gardener, author and gay rights activist.

From 1986 up until his death in 1994, Jarman made his home on the shingle beaches of Dungeness, Kent.


Dungeness is a headland on the South coast of Kent, formed largely of a shingle beach in the form of a cuspate foreland. The Dungeness reserve is set back from the sea, boasting a large expanse of open shingle, fresh water pits, wet grassland and unique wildflower meadows.

base ink drawings for print Curled Fox Sky Prospect Cottage Shingles and Sea Kale framed print
‘Derek Jarman Garden Prospect Cottage.’ A0 size edition of art print. Size 84 x 118 cm.

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Print sizes: standard portrait and square

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