Print named Red Roofed Hut Rye Harbour Camber Sands by artist alej ez

Red Roofed Hut Rye Harbour Camber Sands


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‘Red Roofed Hut Rye Harbour Camber Sands.’

Print description

Small but prominent, the famous Red Roofed Hut in Rye Harbour stands in the centre of my print. Around this brightly painted fishing hut you can see the salt marshes natural reserve. In the distance you can just recognise the outline of the picturesque outline of the Rye Town. Rye Harbour along the River Rother that leads the famous Camber Sands Beach. In addition, the Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm  and the architect design Ray Harbour Discovery Centre put contemporary notes of this print.

Print details

Panoramic format. Print size 124 x 30.5 cm approx. Signed print from a limited edition of 100. From original ink drawing to which I apply colour digitally. Printed on fine art paper using archival inks.

Red Roofed Hut Rye Harbour Camber Sands print inspection

Rye Harbour Camber Sands base art print drawing  Rye Harbour Camber Sands alej ez visit August 2020

Red Roofed Hut framed print

More about this print and the Red Roofed Hut

Rye Harbour is a quintessentially British place in the Sussex Coast. I  first visited this in 2011 and in August 2020 I went there again. This time the purpose of my visit was to create a panoramic print to celebrate the essence of this place.

Rye Harbour village started 200 years ago. It stands on an extension of the shingle beaches that gradually deposited by the sea over the last 800 years. The village has one of the chain of Martello Towers constructed during the Napoleonic Wars; it was built on the beachline of the time. This days the beachline has again advanced a further kilometre southward.

My print left to right shows shows first  Rye Harbour Nature Reserve , the salt marshes with the bird watching cabins; next to it and in the distance though still recognisable is Rye town with the historic Parish Church of St Mary.  This church was built in the 12th century and on clear days the views from the top of the bell tower are stunning. Further along, right next to the end of the path is the new Ray Harbour Discovery Centre. This building is currently being completed and on the opposite bank of the River Rother is the Rye Harbour.

The Red Roofed Hut

Of course, the famous red roofed hut stands as the main subject of my print.  In spite of its small scale, its striking looks defines it as a colourful landmark in the landscape. For this very reason artists often portray this lovely building. My panoramic prints incorporates the surrounding landscape to make sense of the connection of this beacon and the immensity and scale of the land.

Next in my print, particularly important, you can see popping over the dunes the Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm.  Npower Renewables  built this plant in 2008 at a cost around £50 million. It comprises 26 wind turbines, each 115 metres high, distributed over an area of 4 km2 .

I love portraying contemporary structures in my prints, this elements dates my prints for the future and makes them current.  This one markedly emphasizes my  interest in green technologies. Admittedly controversy aroused around the construction of this engineering project that sits in the middle of a natural reserve.

Similarly we have in East Sussex the offshore Rampion Windfarm which is subject to my print ‘West West Pier Rampion Wind Farm Eventide’

Camber Sands

Finally my print ends with the view of possibly the most famous sandy beach in England, Camber Sands. Namely the only sand dune system in East Sussex, located to the east of the estuary of the River Rother at Rye Bay stretching 3 miles to just beyond the Kent border. Comparable sites are West Wittering and Avon Beach.

A large section of the western end of the dunes lie within the Camber Sands and Rye Saltings Site of Special Scientific Interest, while the rest is designated a Site of Nature Conservation Importance.

Interestingly during the Second World War and inland to the east, the dunes were fortified and used for exercises. There is a roughly square Military of Defense (MoD) danger area and base inland of the east of the area. The dunes resemble topographically those seen in parts of Normandy and challenging desert terrain.

Connecting landscapes. Fishing Cottages

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