Morning Shower on Laundry Day



Morning Shower on Laundry Day


The ritual of the shower. A domestic interior temporarily cluttered by laundry, yet the expression of identity is still evident in the sporadic items that reflect the personality of the figure. On the floor, a paper bin with a panorama of London in 1616 speaks to the artist’s love for this type of art. On the window transom are two portraits of men: one of himself, Alej Ez, and the other of his friend and model, Mark Baroni.

Print details

To create this print, I start by crafting individual drawings in ink, which collectively form a collage comprising the final piece. I scan my drawings and digitally add colour. The original design solely exists in digital format, and I print it using archival inks and paper. I then release my design as a limited edition print, available in standard ‘A’ sizes, ranging from A0 (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) to A4 (21 x 29.7 cm).

Domestic Interior and self expression

This work echoes many different sources: from Vuillard’s colourful depictions of the domestic interior. Many of which I saw at Pallant House Gallery in 2022, to the Alekos Fassianos Foundation I visited in Athens in the summer of 2023. It also draws inspiration from the recent exhibition in summer 2024 at Studio Voltaire in London, which featured a pairing of work by Beryl Cook and Tom of Finland.

I have been running a life drawing session in Brighton for many years; the depiction of the human form is something that fascinates me. Through these pieces, I aimed to express my own personal experience my own and the environment where I live.

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Print sizes: standard portrait and square

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