Paper Toy Theatre Glyndebourne The Interval Picnic


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Paper Toy Theatre Glyndebourne The Interval Picnic

Reimagine the essence of a picnic experience at Glyndebourne within this scene, where the architectural marvels of the Auditorium, the historic House, and the Production Hub stand amidst the picturesque rolling hills of the South Downs. Adorn this stage with the charming fountain of the Mary Christie Rose Garden, accompanied by delicate roses, the iconic horse head sculpture crafted by Nic Fiddian, the majestic organ from the music room, and various musical instruments. Adding to the ambiance are sightings of pheasants, sheep, and the beloved family pugs. And, of course, the audience immersed in the joyous atmosphere of the audience, delighting in the intervals between acts of the opera
To construct this model, you will need a scalpel, scissors, and pva glue.
Begin by cutting out the background landscape and base and the garden pergola. Pay attention to two types of marks: Long lines indicate where to make clean cuts for the sides of the landscape to fold forward. Small marks indicate where to cut to allow the garden pergola bases to pass through the base. Continue by assembling the Garden pergola. Slip and glue the base of the garden pergola through the designated openings in the base. Fold the sides of the landscape forward until it meets the side slips of the pergolas and glue these parts together to create the main stage. To finalize, using scissors, don’t worry too much about being perfectly accurate, cut out the different elements individually. Arrange, display and glue them on the stage as desired.

A4 size 29.7 x 21 cm (11.7 x 8.3 in) printed design to make your own paper toy theatre and A6 instruction.

‘Paper Toy Theatre Glyndebourne The Interval Picnic’. Reference image of constructed paper toy theatre.

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