Morning Walk Sea Promenade Brighton and Hove Pebble Beach



‘Morning Walk Sea Promenade Brighton and Hove Pebble Beach’

Print description

This print shows a view of the very much loved Brighton and Hove Promenade from the East end of the Hove Lawns. It results in a compelling record of architectural styles. Starting with the Regency architecture of Brunswick and following with the Modernist tastes of Embassy Court and the high rise 60’s of Sussex Heights. Furthermore, the remains of the Victorian West Pier completes  the history architectural tour.

Print details

Panoramic format. Print size 124 x 30.5 cm approx. Signed print from a limited edition of 100. From original ink drawing to which I apply colour digitally. Printed on fine art paper using archival inks.

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In summary in this panorama of Brighton and Hove promenade depicts in order of appearance and starting from the left: Brunswick Terrace, Angel House, Embassy Court, The Mercure Hotel, The Piece Statue, The Meeting Place Cafe, The West Pier Remains from Hove Lawns.

Particularly, this print is different from my other panoramas because you can see people in it.. When I first drafted the base drawing I noticed that the width of the promenade in this print is practically the full width of the print; hence I felt I needed to populate this space. With this in mind, in my print you can see couples courting, holding hands gazing into each other, walking and cycling.

Peace Angel Statue. Meeting Place Cafe.

The peace statue stands in the invisible division boundary line between Brighton and Hove and next to the popular Meeting Place Cafe. The statue depicts an angel of peace that  holds an orb and an olive branch. It is in fact a memorial to Edward VII, ‘The Peacemaker’, who convalesced several times in Brighton and restored some of the town’s fashionable reputation.

Newbury Trent designed this memorial that also bears the arms of both Brighton and Hove boroughs. Finally the Duke of Norfolk unveiled The statue in October 1912.


In November 2020 from Valencia L. Eced wrote a lovely review about my work and this print.

‘In a time when darkness seems to envelop all of us, every ray of light must be kept as a precious gift. Alejandro’s work, with its delicate details, shines warmly and illuminates the uncertain path we must walk these days. Thank you for your Art and for enabling us to have a small piece of Brighton at home!’  

Print collection Pebble Beach

This print belongs to a tonal collection that I have named ‘Pebble Beach’.  Specifically the palette for this collection reflects the variation of colours and tones in the beach pebbles that can be found along the East Sussex Coast. In fact the pebbles are flint, a hard grey rock found in the chalk cliffs. Through natural erosion the flints are released from the cliffs and slowly make their way through to form the pebble beaches.

Connecting artworks Brighton and Hove panoramic prints

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Art Reference

Jacques-Ernile Blanche (1861-1942) painted in 1928 this oil titled ‘Brighton Front, East Sussex’. French artist Jacques-Emile was a friend of Walter Sickert. Before and after the First World War he crossed the Channel to Brighton frequently, painting seafront scenes. He introduced many English artists to new developments in French art. However This is a sketch for a larger painting with the same name. It shows some of Brighton’s grandest buildings at that time. At the left is the Bedford Hotel, now replaced by a tower block. The Metropole Hotel, still standing, is on the right.
‘Morning Walk Sea Promenade Brighton and Hove Pebble Beach.’


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